Hà Giang Through The Eyes Of The Children

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Hà Giang stay in the side of

I came to Meo Vac on the winding roads on the ridge of Ma Pi Leng Pass, giving my first impression of this land as cold. Although it was late autumn, Hanoi (where I live) was still full of frustration and suffocating heat and dust. Up here is different, there are no skyscrapers, no rows of houses, apartments, buildings or busy streets, the wind is like wandering on mountain roads, that vast space, swirling in the clear air gives me a bit of heat shock. Within that majestic frame of the mountains, I suddenly showed a little jealousy.

If the childhood of a city kid like me is encapsulated in a tiny yard, encroaching on a little more sidewalk at noon taking advantage of the empty road to play football, then the kids here have a vast sky. Nature has surrounded them right in their greatness, the cliffs, the forests are like cuddling these upland children. Truly can see the whole life here, encapsulated in the eyes of the children, eyes that are clear, innocent and wild.

Ha Giang this season is cold and cold with the plain people like me, but the indigenous people do not consider this season to be a cold season, they say. Partly because the weather is nothing compared to when winter comes, partly because they already have to get used to the cold. However, in the foggy early mornings, I still see the coldness lurking here even when the cold season has not yet come. Children gathered by the fire to warm up in the cold of the highlands.

Houses must also be reinforced, to cope with the cold spells in a very specific way.

They still suffer so many disadvantages compared to the city children, even the warm shirts are mostly gifts donated by benefactors, I stumbled into a house where people are focusing on collecting sweaters from places to send, the landlady said: "This year, the warm jackets sent are not much."

While wandering in the village, I realized that modern life has also come here in many ways.

These are televisions, bulbs, amplifiers, and phones. It was strange to see an iPhone stand with a wood stove, an amplifier with worries what to eat tomorrow. Technology, digital equipment has come here, how will it affect a new Ha Giang?

But anyway, this upland land still has a strange attraction, a beauty full of simplicity and special. A hug, nestled in the mother's arms on a windy day, or the tenderness of the little sister to her younger brother. The simple beauty of intimacy, of love connecting with each other between a vast space of mountains.

The woman carried the baby while enlist cooking to prepare for dinner at the request of the guest.

A radiant face of a boy when he sees guests coming

The little girl set fire to prepare to make dinner. 

The grandmother brought her nephew to the market to purchase food for the family.

Ha Giang is gradually changing, with new schools sprouting up and new seeds being cared for.

Looking into the eyes of the children in their classroom who happened to be on the last day of my trip, the eyes of them full of bright light, that wish would be a promising future of this place.

During my days of visiting here, I realized that a very different Ha Giang, a Ha Giang reflected in the eyes of children who are innocent, naive and wild and simple from the very small things.

I will return to Ha Giang someday not so far, hoping that the next time I meet, Ha Giang will develop more, people live more affluent, but still retain the poetic beauty of this land.

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